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10 Account-Based Marketing Blogs to Kick-Start 2018

Written by Lucy Jones

Dec 22 2017

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Considering or continuing an Account-Based Marketing strategy in 2018? Here are 10 ABM posts we published in 2017 to kick start your year. 

10 Account-Based Marketing Blogs to Kick Start 2018

Whether you’re new to account-based marketing or are already running a campaign, ABM is only set to grow in 2018.

So if you’re looking to plan out the coming year, want to avoid ABM mistakes and need to optimise your approach, here are 10 of our ABM-focussed posts you should read:

1. Understand Inbound To Account-Based Marketing For True Customer-Centricity

If you’re already running an inbound campaign, that can be the perfect foundation on which to build ABM.

This post explores how to develop a truly customer-centric strategy with inbound to ABM; where inbound works to generate relevant leads and create a nurture pool of opportunities, which you can then use to identify high-value, high propensity accounts for ABM.

Read: Understand Inbound to ABM For True Customer-Centricity

2. Why ABM Is The B2B Strategy Of 2017

Why is account-based marketing today’s go-to strategy? As an approach that works to fully understand and engage appropriately with the right customers, ABM earns the trust and attention of your ideal buyers through relevance.

This post explores why ABM is taking off as an approach, gives key motivations for adopting an ABM strategy, as well as points to consider when starting ABM.

Read: Why ABM is the B2B Strategy of 2017

3. Can You Scale Your Account-Based Marketing Success With Tech?

What’s required in order to begin, and scale an account-based marketing campaign? What part can technology play in that process?

This post reviews whether it is truly possible to scale account-based marketing success and the role that the right technology plays; as well considering the importance of retaining an aspect of human judgement and unique account engagement.

Read: Can You Scale Account-Based Marketing With Tech?

4. Tips For Using Facebook Ads For Account-Based Marketing

You may already be familiar with using Facebook as a channel for targeted, paid content promotion and lead generation. But if you’re running an account-based marketing strategy, there are ways to enhance the bespoke/ niche targeting of your Facebook ads, to further your ABM results.

This post considers how to use Facebook Ads to reach key account targets.

Read: Tips for Using Facebook Ads for Account-Based Marketing

5. 5 Account-Based Marketing Challenges (And How To Solve Them)

ABM can be complex - knowing how to align sales and marketing, select target accounts, deliver the right content, and more, isn’t always easy.

To help you optimise your approach, this post looks at common account-based marketing challenges that marketers experience, and looks at how to solve them.

Read: 5 Account-Based Marketing Challenges (And How To Solve Them)

6. Are You Making These Account-Based Marketing Errors?

In addition to the challenges in the post above, common errors such as working in silos, incorrect profiling, or a lack of personalisation can damage an ABM campaign.

This post looks at additional ABM errors to avoid to stay on track.

Read: Are You Making These Account-Based Marketing Errors?

7. Factors That Influence Account-Based Marketing Budget

Understanding budget requirement is a key factor when building the case for any marketing strategy. Campaign objectives, goals and expected ROI are drivers that influence every marketing budget, including for account-based marketing campaigns.

Yet as every organisation (and each ABM campaign) is unique, we would expect a range of considerations to impact on the budget required for ABM. This post explores influencing factors that impact ABM budget requirements, plus how to secure investment.

Read: Factors That Influence Account-Based Marketing Budget

8. Why Sales Enablement Is Key To An Account-Based Marketing Strategy

When conducting ABM, it’s important to be able to identify high-value, high-propensity accounts and to start expanding the key decision makers (DMU) within them. To see ABM success, it’s important to engage these decision makers in the right way.  Sales enablement is core to achieving this precise engagement; your marketing and sales teams must be truly aligned at every step for marketing to adopt the right strategies - and for sales to have the data they need to engage effectively.

This post explores how and why sales enablement and account-based marketing must fit together for ABM success.

Read: Why Sales Enablement is Key to an Account-Based Marketing Strategy

9. Sales & Marketing Alignment For Account-Based Marketing Success

How aligned are your sales and marketing teams? To achieve real inbound and ABM success, sales and marketing must be truly aligned; sharing insight, reporting, goals and more.

This post explores what true sales and marketing alignment looks like, and 5 tips on how to achieve it.

Read: Sales & Marketing Alignment For Account-Based Marketing Success

10. [Webinar] Why You Need A Best-In-Class Account-Based Marketing Programme & How To Build It

Knowing where to begin with ABM, and what value it offers to your business can be complex. From planning, to implementation and measurement, there are many factors to consider.

This exclusive webinar, with ABM experts Strategic IC and Demandbase is designed to address those challenges. It discusses the value of ABM for your organisation and explores the key steps required to build, implement and grow a successful ABM programme.

Watch: [Webinar] Why You Need A Best-In-Class Account-Based Marketing Programme & How  To Build It

ABM in 2018

Regardless of how ABM mature your organisation is, the posts above provide useful insight, whether you’re considering, implementing or already managing an ABM campaign.

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