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10 valuable benefits of an inbound marketing strategy

Written by Lucy Jones

Sep 26 2014

You're probably familiar with some of the primary benefits of a mature inbound marketing strategy, including increased traffic and leads. But what else can you expect when you start creating content and lead generation campaigns?

It's no secret that digital marketing is white hot. Recent studies have shown that 60% of companies are doing inbound marketing in one way or another, including 73% of marketing agencies. You're probably also aware that pushy forms of outbound marketing, like cold calling and direct mail are largely ineffective and expensive. In case you needed some convincing (or affirmation), here are some data-driven reasons why an inbound marketing strategy is the way of the future:

1. More Content = More Customers

82% of companies who blog daily have won a customer through content. In fact, the data indicates that the more frequently you blog, the better your chances are of acquiring a customer through a digital channel.

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2. It's Cheaper

Marketers report that SEO and email are incredibly cost-effective ways to get new business through the door. Direct mail and trade shows didn't fare nearly so well, with marketers reporting they carried an "above average" cost when it came to lead generation.

3. People Love Blogs

Did you know that 8 out of 10 people self-identify as blog readers? Reading online content is no longer a niche activity for a crowd of early adopters. Blogs have become a mainstream way to perform product research.

4. Consumers Don't See Ads

80% of people have become highly effective at totally ignoring paid ads on search engines and websites. If media isn't owned or earned, it might as well not even exist for many of today's consumers.

5. Capturing Lead Interest is Crucial

A whole 95% of first-time visitors to your company's website aren't ready to buy; they're simply researching their options. Implementing lead generation and nurturing tactics can allow you to keep their attention until they're ready to purchase.

6. B2B Buyers are Researchers

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Before the average B2B decision-maker is ready to talk with a sales rep, they've completed between 50 and 70% of their purchase research and decision-making process. Creating quality content allows your organization to become a trusted resource early in the game.

7. Blogging Builds Success

Don't get discouraged if it takes a bit of time for your inbound marketing strategy to yield remarkable results. Studies have shown that site traffic increases 30% after an organisation has written 21-54 blog posts.

8. Email Marketing is Your New Best Friend

Email marketing may be the unsung hero of your inbound marketing strategy, but never underestimate it's power. Email marketing still has the highest ROI of any form of marketing, thanks to a low cost and positive results.

9. Videos are Powerful

The average person watches 182 videos online each month, making visual content one of the most popular ways that information is disseminated and shared online. In fact, according to Holbi, 61% of marketers are planning to start with live video services such as Facebook Live. 

10. Search Ranking Really Matters

73% of people who use search engines never click past the first page of search results. Fortunately, a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy is among the most effective ways to improve your organisation's SEO.

The research and statistics are pretty clear when it comes to the benefits of an inbound marketing strategy. As consumers increasingly become fed up with telemarketing, direct mail, and paid advertising, the efficacy of blogging, social media and email marketing have no where to go but up!

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