4 outsourced content sites for quick, quality B2B content creation

Written by Lucy Jones

Oct 27 2014

How to resource quantities of quality content for any niche

Putting together enough high quality content for your inbound strategy can be a challenge, even if you or your employees have the necessary skills.

Time isn’t infinite, and many companies find that their hours are better spent dealing with higher-level issues; interacting with clients, and generally performing more managerial duties.

With that in mind, just where can you get quality B2B content - that is informative for your niche - without breaking the bank?

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4 popular sites for outsourcing B2B content

1. Freelancer/ Elance/ Odesk

These three sites are all similar, with the same basic features, strengths, and weaknesses. Posting a job to one of these sites will get you any number of writer bids, ranging from bargain basement content creation to premium work from industry elites.

Figuring out which is which can be difficult if you’re in a hurry—you’ll need time to read submitted proposals, check writer's profiles, etc. There are a few useful features on these sites however for when you're hiring and commissioning content; such as a built-in escrow fund holder, tools for monitoring workers operating on hourly rates, and a full suite of communication tools. Elance can be particularly useful if you need translation work completed.

The downsides? There are a number of workers operating at a basic standard of copy on these sites. Better, higher value writers tend to gravitate elsewhere, as the nature of these sites’ bidding processes makes it nearly impossible for premium producers to thrive. It can be best to reach out to the top producers directly instead of posting a job for bids. This is a larger time investment, but one with worthwhile returns.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn may not be the first answer to mind when you’re wondering where to get quality B2B content, but it’s a good one. You can find people with very specific industry experience and hire them directly, without giving up a cut to a go-between or dealing with the quirks and usability headaches of various writer management systems.

However, be aware you’re operating without a net—it’s up to you to vet your content creator based on their resume and connections, and establish a reasonable payment method. Used properly, this may be the best place to reach out to content creators, and form steady productive relationships but it’s far from the easiest option.

3. Zerys and Writtent

This site - and also Writtent - are great for sourcing quality B2B content if you’re in a hurry. Both sites offer content of higher-than-average quality and are a hybrid of the typical bidding systems and fixed-price systems you often see. While Writtent has a very clear and simple user-friendly design, and a simple format to review and request writers, Zerys offers function as a content management solution in itself.

Zerys allows you to pick a price range and writer quality range, and the system automatically cycles your work from cheapest/best star rating to more expensive/lower rating until a creator accepts the work or you hit the limits you’ve set. Assignments can also be filtered by expertise in different fields, if you need that expert touch. You may not find consistently excellent content, but should get consistently good content on both Zerys and Writtent which you can always tweak with your own expertise.

4. Writer Access

Writer Access uses a fixed-price system for jobs, with higher maximum prices and higher standards for its best-rated content producers. If you have a big budget and little time to vet writers personally, this is ideal for sourcing quality B2B content. Writers with the highest rankings are not just skilled content producers, but familiar faces from their fields of expertise.

'So what's the best way for me to resource content?'

outsourced-content-SONY DSC

Image/ Unsplash/ Aleks Dorohovich

There is no fixed answer of where to get quality B2B content. Outsourcing offers a reliable option if you don't have any internal writers, though sometimes you will need the editorial touch of someone who really knows your business, angle and target personas to finalise your content.

Not sure where to start?

With hundreds of sites available to outsource content you'll always have ways to produce good content quickly. Testing all the possibilities - one article per site, or one article per writer if you know which site you want to use can give a good range. As long as you know how much effort, money, and time are you willing to invest, and can provide clear instructions you will be able to find your ideal balance quickly - just remember - when it comes to outsourcing, you'll get what you pay for!

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