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Account-Based Marketing Tactics - Segmentation Through BrightInfo

Written by Alex Embling

May 20 2016

account based marketing tactics

How to segment key account visits to your site and deliver account specific content recommendations using CRO tools like BrightInfo.

How To Display Relevant Content For Better Conversions

Your site gets a lot of visitors.

But according to Boaz Grinvald, CEO of BrightInfo; “of the audience that discovers you and goes to your website or blog, the majority (typically 95%) disappears and you never get to see them again…”

That’s a huge missed opportunity.

And while you know who some of those visitors are likely to be (through your persona development) and understand roughly the information they’ll be looking for, it’s difficult to always offer your diverse visitors appropriate content, which is unique for them.

We’ve previously explored how conversion rate optimisation (CRO) service (BrightInfo) can help you (and has helped us) automatically leverage content to engage that 95% of anonymous audience.

BrightInfo can also help you further refine your CRO to be used as part of an Account Based Marketing, or key account targeting campaign.

What is Account Based Marketing (ABM)?

Which businesses would make perfect clients for you?

Account-based marketing (ABM), or key account targeting, is the process of marketing to specific organisations, using content and techniques targeted to appeal to them specifically.


Account Based Marketing Through Segmentation

CRO services such as BrightInfo can be very useful in ABM campaigns as they allow you to segment further - they can tell when target companies are visiting a site by recognising that key account’s IP address range. (the IP address range of companies can be obtained either via Google, a HubSpot prospects list, or any other IP address look-up service).

Having pre-defined the target company segment, it is then possible to use HubSpot Smart CTAs, or BrightInfo to display the best content recommendations relevant to that targeted segment. Recommendations will also take into account any previous content interests and actions made by the target segment.

To do this:

  • Define the companies you want to target (which companies match your buyer persona profiles exactly?)
  • Find out their IP address range (using Google, a HubSpot prospects list, or any other IP address look-up service).
  • Using a CRO tool such as BrightInfo, create a segment to target that company IP segment
  • Select your relevant content assets to associate with that segment (this decides which content recommendations your target company will see when they visit your site. Be sure to pick content that addresses their specific and unique challenges)

See this video for more information on how to segment key accounts using BrightInfo:



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