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10 B2B conversion rate optimisation tips for your website

Written by Alex Embling

Oct 8 2014

You've got hundreds or even thousands of website visitors each week, but no one's converting into a lead. Why?

If your social media, email and content marketing are completely on-point, but your website isn't optimised for conversions, you'll struggle to see results. Research shows that 96% of first-time visitors to your website aren't ready to make a purchase. An effective inbound marketing strategy requires conversion rate optimisation in order to turn visitors into leads. Here are some ways to turn your site into a conversions machine:

1. Build More Landing Pages

You might not have enough opportunities to convert visitors on your website. HubSpot research indicates that the more landing pages you create, the more leads you generate. Companies can see 55% more leads when increasing from 10 to 15 landing pages!

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96% of first time visitors to your website aren't ready to make a purchase.

2. Use A/B Testing

You don't need to be a computer science genius to run A/B testing on your call-to-action buttons and landing pages. As Neil Patel puts it "data, not opinions should influence tests."

3. Don't Underestimate Colour

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If you're not getting the click-throughs you desire, the colour of your buttons, pages, or eBooks could be the culprit. In some research, a simple colour change has increased conversions by 21%!

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4. Utilise White Space

White space, the idea of surrounding important on-page elements with lots of "negative space" or empty space, is a powerful and under-utilised tool for conversions. Removing clutter can train the visitors' eyes to land exactly where you want them!

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5. Write for Conversion

While your blogs and social media posts should never be overly pushy, copywriting for conversion on landing pages is your time to make your offers shine. Here are some ways to write convincingly:

  • Clearly tell your reader why your offer is worth their time
  • Use active words, and avoid passive or boring language
  • Include data and statistics to quantify the value of your offer
  • Use bullet-points and numbered lists to break up your text.

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6. Consider Video Content

If your B2B buyer personas tend to prefer video over text, it could be worthwhile to include more visual content on your website and landing pages to significantly increase your conversion rate optimisation.

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7. Be More Factual

B2B decision makers are often extremely busy people. In many cases, they want to know just how your product or service will make an impact in their organisation before they purchase. While traditional advertising copywriters have taken an emotional approach to persuasion, sometimes facts speak louder than descriptive words. Case studies have shown that some organisations experience 50% more leads generated when taking a more factual approach.

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8. Perform 5-Second Testing

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Put your landing pages through the 5-second test. Have an unfamiliar colleague, friend, or family member spend 5 minutes looking at the page. After that length of time, ask them to recap it's purpose. If they're unable to, your headlines and bullet points could probably use some help.

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9. Create Higher-Value Offers

In the B2B realm, the kind of offers that will increase your conversion rate optimisation are incredibly high-value. Before you sit down to pen a new case study, eBook, or whitepaper, ensure your competitors aren't offering anything similar!

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10. Use Clear Calls-to-Action

Your calls-to-action, buttons or sentences of text that encourage your readers to take a certain action, are among the most important factors in conversion rate optimisation. Use bright colours, clear text, and active language to entice your readers into clicking-through.

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