A b2b social marketing strategy

Written by Alex Embling

May 7 2014

Below is an infographic of our approach to B2B social media marketing. We find clients like this approach as it dovetails their own target client list and offers a clear set of deliverables, i.e. the provision and development of a set of social relationships they didn't previously have.

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The strategy can be broken down into four parts:

1. Consultation

The objective of the consultation phase is to gain an in-depth understanding of our clients niche / market / vertical. We also ask the client for a list of their top 10 target prospects.

2. Identification

In this phase we reverse engineer our clients prospects digital environments and create a comprehensive a list of their major social profiles and subsequent followers / influencers.

3. Communication / Positioning

In this stage we develop a 6 month communication plan that positions our client as an expert and thought leader in their niche. Messages, posts and tweets are socially distributed to connections of our clients prospects with the objective of achieving a connection, follow or subscription.

4. Connection

The connection phase converts the new social relationship into a LinkedIn connection, twitter follow or client blog subscription. This relationship can now be used to build brand, trust and drip feed a combination of thought leadership and the odd sales message to encourage offline conversions.


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