Selecting the Best Digital Marketing Channels For Your Objectives

Written by Jericho Gonzales

Apr 18 2019

To see success in your campaigns, it’s crucial to consider your marketing channel mix. Here, Campaign Monitor explore three digital channels your campaigns should consider.

Choosing the Right Channel For Your Campaigns

Today, it’s easy for marketers to feel overwhelmed by options! With a wide variety of digital marketing channels, tactics, and even agencies, understanding the best approach to take is increasingly complex. Every agency, tactic and approach is different, and each channel option has its own set of strengths and limitations. For example, a certain marketing channel might be ideal for user engagement, but another channel may bring in more revenue long-term.

By considering the best channels for your business objectives and specific goals, you can maximise results - whether you’re focussed on brand awareness, engagement, quality lead generation, or, of course, ROI.

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But how do you know which marketing channels are the best fit for your objectives?

To assist in your decision-making, here is a rundown of three widely used channels: email, social media, and paid advertising, and how they map to ROI, Engagement and Brand Awareness. Of course, there are many more channels than this that may be relevant to your particular industry, but most inbound and ABM campaigns will consider one (or all) of these channels at any one time.

Emails, Ads or Social Media? Consider Your Channels Based on Goals

It’s important to note that you can’t just include a channel tactic in your marketing mix and expect it to deliver results. To really resonate, the channels you use should also be considered within a wider, fully-mapped campaign strategy (such as inbound or ABM), that align with your long-term goals, and is supported by data - such as Buying Intent.

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Channels That Contribute to ROI

Email: Despite long-term claims that ‘email is dead!’, of the three channels reviewed in this article, email offers one of the highest values in terms of ROI - when used within a considered campaign.

With the potential for use throughout the buyer’s journey, in nurture campaigns, everyday messaging and more - email helps to raise awareness, inform, educate - and can humanise your brand for your audience, so it’s no surprise that many B2B marketers say email is their most effective digital channel for revenue generation.

Paid Advertising: When supported by the right audience targeting, and when promoting content that resonates with that audience, paid advertising can also deliver solid ROI. The particular paid channel you choose (LinkedIn, Facebook, Programmatic etc) will depend on your goals (ie lead generation or awareness) but, with considered targeting and a strong content offer or value proposition, paid advertising can create a positive return.

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Social Media: Organic social media’s ROI can be somewhat more difficult to measure - Instead, it’s wise to consider organic social as a channel more for awareness and engagement with your audience; your social channels have great potential in terms of nurturing and building trust with your audience - particularly when considered as part of a wider social selling strategy.

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Channels That Contribute to Brand Awareness

To see results, you need to appeal to your audience in a relevant way. In other words, leverage your channels (email, ads and social media) in a way that’s personalised and resonates with your persona challenges. Account-Based Marketing campaigns will consider content and messaging personalisation at a more individual level when it comes to these channels - but any email, advertising or social campaign should at least consider the target persona’s interests and challenges in order to deliver a relevant message.

Email: Nurture campaigns and sales sequences are key ways that you can leverage email as a digital channel for raising awareness, and nurturing your audience. After all, not all members of a target audience will be in an active buying journey - or even ready to consider a purchase at the same time. Regularly touching base and sharing relevant content with your leads via email campaigns will ensure your message and services are front of mind at the right times.

Paid Ads & Organic Social Media: Just as with email, considered paid and organic social activity (that targets the right people with the right message) will also keep your brand front of mind.

Channels That Contribute to Customer Engagement

Quality engagement with your content and messaging is often a goal of campaigns. If you see engagement from your target accounts and develop a rapport with your ideal prospects, you’re doing something right! Email, paid ads and social channels are again able to help you achieve this goal when used in the right way.

Social Media: If you want to improve your engagement with audiences, then taking advantage of social media is a good idea. According to a report by LinkedIn, 48% of US customers interact with companies using at least one social media platform. Again, targeting, and an understanding of your specific personas or accounts, is important. In order to create engaging social messaging, you need to consider who your ideal audience is, the social environments they are active in, and the content they will find of interest.

Paid ads: The same is true of paid ads - consider your audience first and their challenges, then build your campaigns around that insight to see engagement.

Consider Your Goals, Persona and Niche Before You Pick A Channel Mix

Trying to decide which digital marketing channel to focus your resources? Remember, there’s no one perfect channel. Every business has a different set of needs and objectives, so what works well for one brand might not be as effective for others, and these can even change over time!

The important takeaway here is to select your marketing and sales channels based on your brand’s unique niche, budget, and marketing goals. Add in agility - and be ready  to optimise, review and adapt your tactics regularly - and you’ll be on the path to maintaining the best marketing mix for your business.


Author bio: Jericho Gonzales is a Content Marketing Specialist at Campaign Monitor. After a seven-year career in the financial industry, he decided to follow his dreams and become a writer. When not busy with wordcraft, he immerses himself in the worlds of fantasy and science fiction, whether it be in the form of novels, video games, or movies. 

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