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10 Tips For Creating Appealing, Engaging Content

Written by Becky Armstrong

Jan 10 2017

content creation tips

With more and more content available everyday, it's increasingly difficult to get noticed. Here are some content creation tips to help you improve your content and stand out. 

Globally, we consume a lot of content. According to HubSpot, each day sees a single person consume c.285 pieces of content, or 54,000 words on average.

In a digital environment that sees c.400 hours of video shared and 347,222 tweets sent in a single minute, it’s clearly important to hone your content creation skills to stand out, attract and engage an audience.

On average, people consume 285 pieces of content or 54,000 words every single day - Hubspot

Why Great Writing Skills Matter For Your Content

For content to attract, engage and convert relevant buyers for your business, it must be relevant, and provide answers to the challenges your audience are looking to solve.

Doing that requires skill; not only must you create content that is helpful, educational and easy for your ideal buyer to digest, but you must create it to a high-quality to stand out.

Quick tips to improve your writing

Clearly quality content creation requires consideration and solid writing skills. To help, here are a few things you can do to enhance your writing:

  • Keep your tone clear. Your tone will be informed by your industry and persona, but it’s wise to avoid overly formal, jargon-loaded content. When possible, keep a conversational tone, be concise and avoid complex phrasing to keep text clear and readable. Using the second person (‘you’ and ‘your’) in your content will help to build a connection with readers.
  • Consider formatting. Most readers today skim-read content. They’re looking for facts, snippets of information. Make sure your text provides that via;
    • Bulleted lists
    • Highlighted stats and quotes
    • Bold text
    • Headings and subheadings
  • Avoid large blogs of text. Clear content avoids overly long sentences and big blocks of text. Again, break content into bite size sections for easy reading.
  • Proof your work! Just one error can make readers click away, damaging your credibility. Where possible, have someone else proofread your work to check grammar, spelling and consistency.

10 Tips For Creating Appealing, Engaging Content

Once you know how to write, the next step is knowing what to write. Consider these 10 elements to write appealing, engaging content:

1. Take time over your headlines

An attention grabbing headline can make or break the success of your content. 80% of people will read a headline, but only 20% will read the full article according to Copyblogger. When writing, it helps to have a working title in place, but be prepared to adjust, optimise and improve before publishing the content. If the title changes, always check that your final version reflects the information in the published content.

2. Consider your persona

To produce effective content that resonates with your ideal buyer - you first need to understand that persona and their challenges. Make sure you’re addressing a pain point that you can help solve, that you’re using the right tone for that buyer, and that you’re publishing your content to the digital environments your buyers use.

3. Provide value

Content must be useful to the reader. Providing real actionable value in your content encourages readers to rely on you as a trusted source and consider you as a leader in your industry.

4. Add to the wider conversation

Your competitors are likely creating similar content, with similar themes to you. But if you can review competitor content, expand on the topic and offer better information, you’re likely to provide more value. Don’t be afraid to contribute further to the conversation.

5. Reflect how people search

There are a number ways to uncover the topics and key terms your audience are searching for, so try to incorporate these terms in your titles and content to attract readers (and add SEO value to your content).

6. Consider your content structure

It is important that your content has a solid structure that audiences can easily navigate. Rather than deliver one big paragraph of information, two common structures you might use include:

  • A list structure, outlining a number of solution points to a challenge
  • A ‘How-to formula’ detailing the steps to follow to solve a challenge

7. Focus on one topic at a time

Avoid complexity by focusing on one core idea at a time. By all means provide links/ reference to other related content, but stay focussed on the main topic - readers will lose interest if you deviate.

8. Take storytelling into account

When considering your content structure, remember that successful content works to tell a ‘story’, exploring how the key character (the buyer) can overcome an obstacle/problem (their challenge) to result in a positive ending (i.e. the answer to their problem, such as your product/service).

9. Be consistent 

Convey and support your brand message through every piece of content you write. A consistent brand style will provide authority, credibility and help readers to recognise your content across multiple platforms.

10. Focus on solving buyer pain, not pushing product

Remember, Inbound is about helping your prospect find the best solution for them, not starting with a sales pitch. For Awareness and Consideration content, it’s largely advised to keep content brand and solution neutral.

Stand Out Against the Noise

After you have written your content, next steps are to proof, check and review what you’ve created to ensure it delivers the correct message. You’ll also want to include a relevant CTA on your content to further help and nurture your audience.

Taking these steps and writing tips into account will help you create well-written, appealing and engaging content assets that help your buyers; boosting trust, authority, and helping you stand out against the content noise.

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