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A Digital Marketing Internship: One week with a Sussex based Agency..

Written by Lucy Donovan

Sep 25 2014

Lucy Donovan took a one-week internship with us at Strategic, learning as much as she could about Digital Marketing and everyday life in a digital agency. So what did she find out?


Digital Marketing Internships: How much can you learn in one week?

A week is a short space of time to learn the ways of a B2B digital marketing agency.

Taking experience from a previous internship I'd had at a PR agency in London, It took me three months to be completely settled and know what I was talking about. So before I joined I wondered: how much digital knowledge can you learn in the space of 5 working days?

What does day-to-day agency activity look like?

Arriving at the Strategic office in Horsham after a crawling 20 minute car journey, my first day began with a warm welcome from the team. I sat down at my new desk and straight away was given my own email address, and emailed my agenda for the week.

So that I could get a feel for every aspect of the business - and meet everybody! - first on my list was attending the Monday morning meetings, beginning with the web development team's catchup. I thought I knew a fair bit about web design but when it came to the meeting I realised I did not! It was interesting to be involved in the discussion about a website they had produced for the NHS, learn some of the industry terms used, and find out the processes the team uses to discuss what needs to be done. Afterwards it was time for the digital marketing team’s weekly catch up; my portal to find out what I would be doing, what tasks the DM team were working on, and the tasks and the challenges the agency

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is not a term I was initially familiar with but it is crucial to the everyday running of campaigns. To help, i was introduced to a comprehensive toolkit: Hubspot. Having watched a few informative videos, read the company blog, and with the help of Alex and the team, I learnt the first stages of a successful inbound strategy in just the first day! Attract, Convert, Close, and Delight – four key strategic stages that I kept in my head and referred to for the week.

What is influencer research?

By the second afternoon I had mastered the skill of sourcing social influencers for the benefit of one of the clients. This included searching the web for potential customers. During my task, I was called into to join a conference call with HubSpot to gain an insight into the world of content. It’s safe to say I can’t remember a time in the week that I wasn’t doing a task or learning something new, as on Wednesday afternoon I learnt the basics of PPC and Google Analytics in a training session. This was a great training session that not all interns would be able to access, so I count myself lucky! It helped that there were sweets in the office to help team brainpower!

Do I know more than I did before my internship?

Social media was the aspect of the business that I had the most knowledge on ahead of my internship, but there is always more to learn! I now know about numerous different tools which can be used to narrow down a search, and about how different companies implement social media to their benefit. For example, I knew social media strategies would be different for each client, but enjoyed learning more about from the types of posts and frequency to use, which networks are relevant, and different platforms to manage social media.

What would I change about my week in Horsham, West Sussex?

I did this internship to gain a better understanding of the world of digital marketing; I have definitely learnt more than I thought I would within a week and there isn’t anything I would change - apart from the length of the internship!

And to top off the week and prove I learnt something… I passed my Hubspot Inbound Certification exam!

Featured image/ Unsplash/ Petradr



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