Does My B2B Marketing Campaign Need An Insight Report?

Written by Fes Askari

Jul 30 2018

Insight reports are valuable assets to support sales and marketing campaigns; from value proposition development, content strategy and sales messaging - for Inbound through to Account-Based Marketing programmes.

For highly-targeted and personalised marketing campaigns, developing an in-depth insight report can be a wise investment.

Uncovering audience and buyer insights, detailed industry and vertical understanding, these reports are used to achieve a greater understanding of your specific market, audience or accounts ahead of campaign development - to refine value propositions, messaging, targeting, and more.

The research required and information provided from a report will vary, and will depend on the priorities of your programme objectives and report briefing process. For example, the focus might be on specific accounts, industries, market segments, or competitors.

The more specific you are about your requirements, the more accurate your Insight Report will be and, therefore, the greater potential you have for a successful campaign plan and messaging that lands with impact.

So what value do reports deliver for Inbound and ABM sales and marketing campaigns?

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What benefits can be achieved with insight reports?

For marketers wanting to move from a persona-based campaign to an account, vertical, or clustered approach, in-depth insight reports can inform every aspect of a campaign, enabling teams to:

  • Greatly improve the campaign messaging strategy
  • Develop insight-led optimum customer value propositions
  • Better articulate current and future customer challenges 
  • Have confidence in campaign accuracy
  • Understand industry trends for maximum impact and trust building
  • Save time and resource during complex campaign development

How long does it take to develop the required level of insight?

The reports we create at Strategic IC will, for example, provide in-depth insight on a target account or an industry’s specific challenges, trends, or drivers of change - delving into specifics that are unique to that industry, account or even the individuals.

To secure the level of accuracy and information required, it can take around three to five weeks to develop a report. Timescales can be longer if the brief is more complex or there's something very specific to research, such as a particular set of decision-makers within an account.

The resulting report provides a unique level of insight that those external to the profiled industry, vertical or account would struggle to obtain.

Does my B2B marketing campaign need an insight report?

Solid insight reports add an extra level of confidence, focus and accuracy to certain campaign strategies - particularly where a campaign will benefit from a greater level of personalisation, such as with account-based marketing. However, you don’t always require an insight report to run an effective and successful campaign.

It is wise to invest in additional data and research when there is a need to better understand a market or audience - such as with a new target segment, new product launch, or perhaps when building a strategy for the first time. Again, when it comes to highly-personalised campaigns (ABM), get them right and you’ll see great results. But, get them wrong or base activity on guesswork, and you’ll fail to achieve success.

Of course, we work with clients to maximise the business intelligence they already retain within their existing people and systems. Yet often, teams lack that experience and process to uncover and deliver this in a meaningful format. 

So again, it’s here that an Insight Report development process truly delivers, and the nuance and expertise needed to support report development comes to fruition. 

If you'd like to see an example of report and discuss our process, just get in touch. 

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