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Increase Lead Quality With Inbound Campaign Content Hubs

Written by Lucy Jones

Mar 31 2016


Have you written a series of quality, targeted and persona relevant posts, but struggle to gain attention?

Building content hubs (multiple content assets built around one umbrella topic or hub keyword) may offer the solution; boosting SEO and helping to generate higher quality leads.

Content Hubs & Search Engines

Content campaigns face multiple challenges:

  • It’s increasingly difficult to get content seen due to vast amounts of digital noise/ other content
  • It’s hard to regularly and consistently create quality, targeted content
  • Your readers (personas) don’t know what content they are looking for; they are simply searching for answers to their challenges


Having content on your site is crucial to attract and nurture relevant prospects. But isolated content pieces are not enough to succeed. Your content needs to align with how Google ranks sites, and Google today requires more than just a few posts on a topic to consider you an authority.

With semantic search, Google aims to understand searchers’ intentions and the contextual meaning of multiple search terms. Your content planning and keyword research needs to recognise this and use the correct long tail and short tail keywords to draw the right traffic to your site. But even with the right keywords in place it’s hard to rank for competitive terms.

The solution? Create a content hub; build multiple content assets around one umbrella topic or hub keyword. The sum of this content around the topic (typically a key persona challenge) will then help to build rank.

A content hub is a destination where website visitors can find branded, curated, social media, user generated, or any type of content related to a topic.- Kissmetrics

4 Reasons to Build Content Hubs

1. They Help You Plan A Complete Campaign

All content in a single Inbound campaign should relate to one persona challenge (one hub topic) at a time. This challenge becomes the hub around which all content is based; from blog posts to an associated eBook, to social messages, landing pages, related workflow emails and more. Bear in mind however you may have multiple campaigns running at once, each addressing a different persona challenge/ long tail hub topic.

2. They Provide Specificity and a Structured Thought Process

Specificity in your content titles is incredibly important if you want your content to resonate with your personas. Content hubs help to achieve this. Content mapped to a hub has pinpoint focus and relevance as it already revolves around one persona’s specific challenge - giving you a head start on the topic and direction of your content.

A well structured, specific content title contains three elements:

[The persona challenge + a feature/benefit of your solution that addresses that challenge + hub keyword - your brand]

These aspects can be combined in any order that reads well. For example the title of this blog post you’re reading follows that structure:

  • ‘Increase lead quality’ is the challenge
  • ‘Inbound campaign content hubs’ is the benefit/solution
  • How to plan an Inbound campaign’ is our hub topic

3. They Push Leads Through the Buyer’s Journey

You should already be mapping content to the Buyer’s Journey to nurture leads through the purchase funnel. With a content campaign mapped around a hub keyword, that process becomes more straightforward as each Inbound content asset relates to the same subject, inspiring better engagement and interest in additional content.

For example, someone who’s read a blog addressing their No.1 problem will be interested in a related CTA and eBook addressing that problem in more detail, and will remain interested as you provide more detail throughout the funnel in (also hub topic related) workflow content.

4. Specificity Results in Higher Quality Leads

As mentioned above, very specific content aligned against persona challenges will resonate well and due to relevance alone, will increase lead quality. But by building a hub of multiple content assets around a specific keyword topic, you’ll also build rank and increase visibility with additional quality prospects.

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