13 Quick Inbound Lessons From HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan

Written by James Self

Dec 8 2016

inbound lessons brian halligan

If you read nothing else about inbound marketing this week, be sure you read these 15 quick inbound takeaways. 

Inbound Takeaways To Inform Your Marketing Strategy 

Inbound 16 revealed a lot of insight into how sales and marketing are evolving, from introducing a growth stack mindset (aligning sales, marketing and your CRM), to exploring how chat is an increasingly important sales and marketing tool.


Buyer relevancy, context and human-to-human marketing remain an integral part of the inbound methodology. So it’s no surprise that they were priorities championed by HubSpot CEO and founder, Brian Halligan in his INBOUND 16 keynote. Below, we outline 15 quick quotes from that keynote to help you understand inbound marketing and sales today. Alternatively, you can watch the full keynote here: 


13 Quick Inbound Quotes From Brian Halligan

1. “If you’re not marketing on social media, you might as well be marketing inside a trashcan.”


“Back in 2006, the battle was for inches on a four foot shelf. In 2016, it is a battle for millimetres on the infinite shelf of the internet. That is great for your prospects, but bad for vendors.”


3. “If you’re not marketing in Zuckerberg’s world (Facebook, Instagram, messenger, WhatsApp), you might as well be marketing inside a trashcan.”


4. “Stop talking about extracting value from your customers, instead start talking about how you can ADD value to your customers.”

5. “Paid marketing and content marketing. Those things go together like bacon and eggs. Just delicious.”


6. “Advice for modern marketers. Accelerate your content. Combine your paid marketing with your content marketing. Repurpose your content. That’s the power of content marketing.”


7. “Stop looking for that blogger and start looking for that videographer. 50% of your content mixture shouldn’t be text. It should be video. You need to make the shift to where your buyers want to be.”

8. “Advice for modern marketers. Automate the buying process. Users are expecting you to automate their processes. They want a self service experience with your company.”


9. “Cold calling is dead. But email is alive and well so long as it’s well thought out and researched.”


10. “Advice for modern marketers. Live in social. You’re not B2B marketers, you’re H2H marketers - human to human. Humans live in snapchat, instagram. If you’re not marketing to these site, you might as well be marketing in a trashcan.”

11. “If content is king in the marketing industry, context is king in the sales industry.”
“Advice for modern sellers. Email: less is more. Cold calls: None is more. Trials: A taste is more.”


12. “In 2006 the website augmented the sales rep. In 2016, the sales rep augments the website.”


13. “In 2016, buyers expect to get value BEFORE they purchase your product.”

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