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[VIDEO] Get Inbound Marketing Buy-In With These Statistics

Written by Alastair Kane | Mar 13 2017

[VIDEO] Key inbound statistics to help you prove the value of inbound to decision-makers.

Inbound Marketing Statistics To Get Buy-In

Does your CFO understand why you want to invest in an inbound strategy? Does your sales team understand that aligning with the marketing team can help to provide them with higher quality, more valuable leads, and more relevant content? 

When it comes to building the case for an inbound marketing strategy, it helps to have the data, case studies and ROI tools to hand to prove the value of a strategic investment to high-level decision makers.

So if your CEO/ CMO/ CFO doesn't really understand inbound - or how it can be of benefit in helping your organisation generate, nurture and convert quality, high value leads - the below statistics can help you build the case.