6 Inbound Marketing Podcasts Every Marketer Should Hear

Written by James Self

Mar 24 2016

inbound marketing podcast

If you’re trying to understand the benefits of Inbound Marketing, it can help to have an insight into how other companies run successful Inbound campaigns.

Nearly 60% of marketers report that they have adopted Inbound strategies and are reaping the benefits. But when moving away from traditional marketing practices to Inbound strategies you need to feel confident that your investment is firstly going to work, and secondly, will give return on your investment.

6 Helpful Inbound Marketing Podcasts

An easy way to gain that confidence and learn how others are managing their marketing, is through podcasts. Podcasts are surging in popularity; they are easy to listen to, can be re-run if you want to focus on a particular topic and are easily available.  

Edison Research states that podcast listening is ‘growing - and growing fast’  so, to practice what we preach, the following podcasts make good listening for those marketers  considering adopting an Inbound Marketing strategy.

6 Podcasts Every Inbound Marketer Should Hear

1. Prospect Builder - Developing A Successful Inbound Marketing Campaign

From understanding personas, to nurturing them, this 30 minute podcast from Prospect Builder discusses the importance of creating a well-developed, strategic inbound marketing campaign with one of HubSpot’s channel consultants.

2. HubSpot - The Growth Show

Available on their site and on iTunes, the HubSpot’s Growth Show is a regular half hour podcast that discussed driving growth across a range of areas with Inbound. Transcribed episodes are also available on their blog.

3. HubSpot - Inbound Certification

One of the best ways to understand Inbound marketing is to become HubSpot Inbound Certified. Inbound certification is free and open to the public (even non-HubSpot customers) and now, HubSpot have condensed their revision lessons into podcasts available on iTunes. If you don’t have time to watch the certification videos or slides - or want to understand how Inbound works, this is a great series and certification.

4. Content Marketing Institute - Podcast Network

Content is the driving force behind Inbound campaigns. Mapped to the Buyer’s Journey, it fuels nurture campaigns and workflows, and helps to build rapport with your persona audience. The Content Marketing Institute produces regular podcasts on every subject relating to content, making it an incredibly valuable tool for all marketers

5. Duct Tape Marketing

Giving a wide range of marketing advice and tips, this podcast is led by John Jantsch and is targeted towards small business marketers. Full of interviews with authors, experts, and industry leaders, the show is full of advice and marketing tips.

6. Ted Talks Podcasts

If you’re looking for inspiration, advice and motivation outside of just strict marketing, look no further than the Ted Talk podcasts. Ted Talks videos, articles and podcasts exist across all topics and are presented by w wide range of thought leaders and speakers. Name your topic, and you’ll find some inspiring, insightful content!

Staying Up To Date

This is by no means a complete list - there are infinite great resources and other podcasts available which will provide an overview on the latest Inbound marketing news. As quoted by Hubspot “The Inbound Methodology” is the best way to turn strangers into customers and promoters of your business. So make sure you’re up to date with the latest Inbound news, whether via podcasts, blogs and other content, and your campaigns will benefit.

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