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Inbound Marketing Case Study: Technology & Software

Written by Alex Embling

Nov 24 2016

inbound marketing tech case study

[Video case study] See how Strategic helped a data and technology expert build a successful inbound strategy - generating 121 quality leads in three months.

B2B Tech Inbound Campaign Generates 121 Quality Leads In Just 3 Months

This case study explores how B2B Tech Marketing Agency, Strategic Internet Consulting, have helped Data and Technology experts Acxiom build successful Inbound Marketing campaigns.

Needing to boost their thought leadership position and generate quality B2B leads, with Strategic's help, Acxiom saw results such as a 4x increase in engagement above the industry average, and generated a total of 121 quality leads over the 3 month case period.

Watch Jed Mole, European Marketing Director at Acxiom explore the results achieved with Strategic, or read his comments below:



Who are Acxiom?

Acxiom is a data and technology company who help marketers make their marketing more relevant to their customers. 

How we do that is, we help them recognise individuals across all channels and devices, which makes it people based marketing. We then activate the data so there's a clearer view of the customer, which generates insights that can help create better experiences at various touchpoints.

What challenge did Acxiom need Strategic to achieve?

The big challenge in B2B marketing over the last few years has been the shift towards inbound marketing and digital based marketing. Business to business marketing today has to have a really strong inbound digital element.

Acxiom need to achieve two things, we need to be positioned as thought leaders, and also we need to generate quality leads. Those are the two big challenges that Strategic helped us with.

What have Strategic achieved for Acxiom?

Acxiom is a company that helps our clients be more targeted. So what we needed to do with our inbound marketing was exactly the same thing - be more targeted.

What Strategic helped us to do, was to identify exactly the right personas, (the types of job titles in the right brands and verticals) and reach them and engage them directly with the right content and thought leadership.

What results were achieved?

Strategic help us in many ways. Three areas I can touch on briefly include firstly social - taking whatever content we had and making sure it was highly represented, particularly in Twitter and LinkedIn.

Secondly, our website. If someone has a business problem or a challenge that means they need to find Acxiom, we bring the two things together. Strategic helped us to rank highly on the first page of all of our key terms; ahead of our competition, which is important. 

The third thing is taking that thought leadership content and making the most possible use out of it by breaking it down into smaller pieces, sharing it on social and turning it into blogs. 

Strategic helped Acxiom generate 121 qualified leads in three months.

Over the last three months alone we've generated 121 qualified leads together. These were high quality leads, and based on content that our prospects found very engaging, which is exactly what we want. 

Its easy to say that we achieve great results with Strategic's help, but one example of that, in pure metrics is click through rate. A good click through rate basically means that your content is relevant and engaging to the people that you want to reach. For our industry the average is 0.25, but on our campaigns we were averaging 0.875, almost four times the average, so four times the level of engagement.

Strategic helped Acxiom increase engagement by 4x the industry average.

The industry that Acxiom works in is so fast moving, the world of digital and data-driven marketing. Having a partner like Strategic who are so responsive, and are deep experts is really valuable. You can have suppliers, but you want partners. The big thing is trust and open communications, along with performance. Strategic are a fundamental part of Acxiom's marketing.

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