LinkedIn Account Targeting & How it Helps With Account-Based Marketing

Written by Gerry Dapergolas

Apr 7 2016

linkedin account targeting

Account-based marketing (ABM) or key account marketing is an increasingly important element of marketing strategy. Typically used by enterprise level sales organisations, ABM differs from persona-based marketing in that an organisation considers a target list of around 50 prospects or specific ideal customer accounts, and aligns its efforts and resources against communicating and securing those accounts.


Typically, an ABM target account list will be based around a named account list, a list of strategic accounts, a targeted segment (ie industry or revenue) or a customer list.

What is LinkedIn Account Targeting?

Our goal is to give [marketers] a platform that accurately targets influencers, and empowers them to deliver relevant content that translates into meaningful results. - LinkedIn

Designed to help marketers following an account-based marketing approach, LinkedIn have recently launched LinkedIn Account Targeting, which allows Sponsored Updates and Sponsored InMail campaigns to be tailored to a priority list of target accounts.

Created to help LinkedIn users ‘market products and generate opportunities to the the right personas within the accounts that matter most to them’, LinkedIn account targeting works by matching a target account list against the +8 million Company Pages currently on the platform, and creating target segments based on matches.

For marketers, this, combined with LinkedIn’s detailed profile targeting capabilities, means more focus and better quality opportunities throughout purchase funnel.

[LinkedIn Account Targeting works to] tailor content to audiences at every stage of the customer lifecycle: prospects, current customers and churned accounts. - LinkedIn

At the time of writing, LinkedIn Account Targeting is only available to LinkedIn users who purchase Sponsored InMail and Updates via a LinkedIn account representative. Self-serve clients can’t access this service yet, but they should be able to in future.

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