Are Ads now Inbound-y? Calculating Paid Ad CPA with HubSpots LinkedIn Sponsored Update Integration

Written by Lucy Jones

Sep 14 2015

Are paid ads Inbound? How LinkedIn paid ads support B2B Inbound campaigns

Using LinkedIn sponsored updates to promote a MOFU piece of premium content is a great way to generate accurate, relevant quick-win leads, either as part of an intital Inbound onboarding procedure, or to support an ongoing Inbound campaign.

As of INBOUND 15, HubSpot have announced new integrations to bring paid ads within their marketing platform. 

So paid ads can be Inbound?


"Aren't ads the opposite of Inbound?"

For a long time, paid ads were generally considered as the opposite of 'Inbound' and fought against due to their usually disruptive (not helpful) nature.

And for many ads (those that don't consider the buyer) that's still true. But digital agencies are increasingly finding that considered ads, which target accurate personas relate to Inbound very well. This is particularly true of paid search ads, and ads that promote content within social networks such as LinkedIn sponsored updates. (Well targeted paid social ads are also something we at Strategic advocate as part of our 30 day quick-win product).

Paid ads, specifically LinkedIn sponsored updates (as they have such specific niche targeting to your buyer personas) are a great way to support your Inbound marketing and obtain more relevant leads.

How?  Well paid activity supports ongoing Inbound strategies by promoting Inbound-relevant content (such as your content offers). This leads to amplified return,  relevant quality leads, and has the added benefit of enhanced thought leadership positioning and increasing social reach.

The Hubspot Ads add-on 

To support the many advantages that come with an Inbound-focussed LinkedIn sponsored update campaign, HubSpot have just announced paid ad integration with its marketing platform.

Forming part of HubSpot founder Dharmesh Shah's INBOUND 2015 keynote and product announcement, HubSpot users can now directly create and manage LinkedIn paid campaigns from their portal; from ad set up, to assigning budget and target audience - all without leaving HubSpot.

Its often hard to get paid ads right as the tools used to manage them are siloed - meaning you dont get the closed loop reporting integration needed for effective reporting.

This add on however will give more comprehensive closed-loop reporting, right down to providing the actual monetary amount of revenue generated per paid campaign. You'll know what clicks converted into leads, and for which campaign.

What does that mean for you?

As a HubSpot Silver Agency all Strategic clients using HubSpot can benefit from this enhanced reporting (and clearer paid ROI).

Lauching first with LinkedIn ads, Google AdWords integration is coming to HubSpot soon. 

The tool is a good fit for those wanting to manage paid ad camapigns in support of Inbound campaigns, who actively use Linkedin for campaigns, who use adwords for search campaigns, and especially those want to measure the ROI of paid media.

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