4 New HubSpot Features To Enhance Inbound & Account-Based Marketing Strategies

Written by Gerry Dapergolas

Oct 6 2017

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With multiple new HubSpot updates announced at INBOUND17, we highlight four new HubSpot features that can enhance your inbound and ABM strategies. 

“Inbound AND ABM? I Thought HubSpot Were Inbound Only?”

If you’ve been keeping an eye on marketing trends, you’ll know that Account-Based Marketing, or ABM is increasing in importance and can be greatly enhanced when leveraged alongside an inbound approach:

In an Inbound to ABM model:

  • Your inbound strategy would form a foundation for quality lead generation and nurture.

  • From this pool, you can identify high value, high-propensity account opportunities for further ABM activity.

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As Inbound to ABM specialists, this process is one that Strategic are already recommending - and has been reflected at this year’s INBOUND17 conference, as Inbound marketing giants HubSpot have announced a number of new features that will help us to deliver not only inbound marketing, but ABM and inbound sales strategies to our HubSpot clients.

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4 New HubSpot Features To Enhance Your Inbound & ABM Strategies

1. HubSpot Connect for Account Based Marketing - Terminus Integration

Great news for inbound to ABM campaigns, HubSpot Connect is a new integration between HubSpot Marketing and Terminus, which allows Terminus ABM campaign management (and automated account-based advertising) from within the HubSpot marketing platform.

With this integration it’s possible to launch a Terminus ABM campaign based on HubSpot Workflow criteria; to amplify messaging beyond a lead’s inbox and nurture an entire account with aligned, engaging digital advertising. Expanded reach, ABM messaging and campaign coordination, personalised outreach and engagement reporting are all part of this integration.

This integration will enable marketers [using HubSpot Marketing] to not just deliver a lead to sales, but to provide qualified accounts where the buying committee is fully engaged, significantly increasing their likelihood to buy. - Terminus

2. HubSpot Conversations

As HubSpot Co-Founder and CTO Dharmesh Shah outlined in his INBOUND17 keynote speech:

The shift from the classic of email and phone calls as modes of engagement is moving… 1.2 billion people are now using Facebook Messenger, sending upwards of a billion messages a month to businesses. This is not one of those things where it’s ‘build it and they will come’. They are already here and they want to chat.

He then went on to outline that HubSpot have experienced a 20% conversion to customer rate through HubSpot Messages, vs. a 13% rate via the HubSpot meetings app, and just a 7% conversion to customer rate via gated content (forms).

Clearly one-to-one chat is already playing a big part in the way buyers want to engage with businesses, and in line with this, the upcoming HubSpot Conversations tool will be available in HubSpot CRM Free in 2018.

With a shared inbox to help your team manage one-to-one customer conversations, HubSpot Conversations will:

  • Centralise customer chat messages for simple management and response
  • Collate messages from every messaging channel

  • Allow chat tasks/responses to be assigned to any team member

  • Provide CRM context on every contact

  • Include automation to allow routine/simple conversation management at scale


Additionally, HubSpot announced the acquisition of Motion.ai at INBOUND17. This will enable better one-to-one conversations with automated AI chatbots and ensure businesses using chat can continue to assist and delight customers at scale.

Customer Hub

Focusing on the continued delight phase of the buyer’s journey, the new Customer Hub tool (to be released in 2018) is designed to work alongside HubSpot Conversations to make ongoing customer service simple. This tool will allow the escalation of everyday chat, into a support case that can be easily managed across chat, email and other marketing and sales touchpoints.

3. New HubSpot Sales Professional

To complete a full funnel inbound process and close the quality leads you generate, inbound marketing must be supported by inbound sales.

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When well aligned, inbound marketing and sales can work together to address every stage of the buyer’s journey, into continued customer delight. 

mapping hubspot products onto the buyers journey

In light of this, HubSpot has made some major updates to the professional tier of Sales Hub. The new HubSpot Sales Professional will be available from November 2017 and adds automation, predictive lead scoring, and other advanced features for growing sales teams.

Features include:

  • Smart email templates, document tracking, automated meeting calendar functionality
  • Web chat, predictive lead scoring, automated email sequences

  • Advanced deal and task automation tools, plus robust team management features
  • Custom dashboards and enhanced reporting features

When we launched HubSpot Free CRM and Sales at INBOUND 2014, our goal was to create a new suite of tools that would help our customers grow their businesses faster… HubSpot Sales Professional is the next step up, and has the tools growing sales teams need to open better relationships and close more deals. - Brian Halligan, HubSpot CEO and Co-Founder

4.  Other New Tools in HubSpot Marketing

Of course there are many other updates coming to HubSpot Marketing in 2017/18. Reporting, Social and Content are all being updated, and other new integrations are to come. We expect to see:

  • New content strategy development and SEO support tools

  • Enhanced campaign reporting for improved campaign alignment across all activity

  • A range of social updates, with Facebook ads management and Instagram for Hubspot 

  • Integration with Shopify

Creating More Complete Campaigns

Looking at all of these updates combined, it’s clear that HubSpot are making it easier to monitor, manage, adapt and evolve all aspects of a campaign; and are ready to continue to support us in delivering comprehensive marketing, sales and ABM campaigns.

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