14 Tips To Improve Organic Facebook Engagement

Written by Heidi Corcoran

Jul 10 2018

If Facebook forms part of your marketing mix, you may have seen a drop in reach and engagement due to recent algorithm changes. So what can B2B marketers do to enhance Facebook success today?

How to Succeed With B2B Organic Facebook Posting in 2018?

In January 2018, Facebook announced that they were “going to shift ranking to make the News Feed more about connecting with people and less about consuming media in isolation”. However, in conjunction with increasing amounts of ad space being added to the platform, and limiting the amount of organic space available for a viewer to see, many marketers may have seen a decline in organic reach from their posts.

But what can companies do to ensure that their posts are still shown when posted organically? Here we give some tips to help you succeed despite these changes, and explain how to share compelling and engaging B2B Facebook posts.

Considering the Facebook algorithm

According to a Facebook publisher’s meeting in early 2018, the new ranking system takes into account the ‘Who, What, When and How’ of a post to decide whether to show the content, considering:

  • Who posted it. Is the publisher reputable, or a trusted source?
  • What kind of post is it? Facebook prioritises some content over others, for example, Live streaming videos.
  • When it was posted? Even though the news feed is no longer in chronological order, as a rule of thumb, more recent posts will rank higher.
  • How people engage with it. If posts start off by having good engagement, Facebook will expand the reach of the post to others.

So with this in mind, what can marketers do to build engagement and boost reach?

14 Tips To Improve Facebook Engagement

1. Be selective about what you publish

How will your post help your Facebook followers? What information are you trying to educate your readers on? To see best engagement, marketers today should share posts that have their audience/persona challenges front of mind.

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2. Boost Your Posts

Try boosting your posts to put organic content in front of those who are more likely to engage. This will increase engagement of popular posts, gain your page more likes, and show Facebook that your page is ‘rank-worthy’. (Note that daily budget is required to boost posts).

3. Limit Your Post Volumes

It's wise to limit the volume of posts you publish, typically to fewer than three posts per day. Organic reach actually drops with every extra post!

4. Avoid clickbait

If your landing page has a high bounce rate, Facebook will pick this up and may mark your content as irrelevant. It’s best to focus on creating valuable and helpful content and social posts for your audience.

5. Try Facebook live

Facebook Live is an increasingly popular tactic, especially as the new algorithm prioritises real-time live videos. For marketers, live video ideas might include broadcasting a webinar from Facebook, or a Q&A session on key topics. Should you test this, be sure to monitor the results to see if live works for you.

6. Publish Video Content

Facebook now looks at how long users watch videos, and if a long video has a high completion rate, it’ll be boosted. To make the most of this, make sure your video content catches attention immediately - the first few seconds count! In addition, you should upload any videos natively instead of through platforms such as YouTube as Facebook favours posts that do not take users away from the site.

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7. Turn on ‘preferred audience tracking’

The 'Preferred Audience Tracking' feature is accessible in ‘page settings’ and enables you to show specific posts to followers who meet specific audience criteria. For example, you may want to:

1. Only show your pharma targeted eBook to followers who work in the pharmaceutical industry, or

2. Provide a US webinar signup link to followers who only live in the USA.

By narrowing your audience you’ll reach those who are likely to be interested in your posts, so receive better (and higher quality) engagement.

facebook select audience

8. Try using Trigger Words

Trigger words such as ‘congratulations’ and ‘best wishes’ create animations when hovered over - and also tell Facebook that the post may hold importance to followers. However, keep in mind that these are designed more with a person-to-person use case in mind, such as wishing someone ‘good luck’. Only use these triggers if they seem appropriate, never shoehorn them in.

9. Consider Current Trends and Hashtags

Try incorporating relevant trends and hashtags in your posts where relevant; Facebook will pick up when you’re discussing current trends and topics. However again, make sure your usage of trends is appropriate and not forced for the sake of it.

10. Advise your ‘super fans’ to prioritise your posts

Do you have any ‘super fans’ - who continually engage with your brand and are recognised as your top fans by Facebook? (There will be a ‘super fan’ marker next to their name in page comments to indicate this). If so, advise them that they can change their settings on your page to see your posts first. Facebook will see your page as more authoritative if you have followers with this setting, and your super fans will be guaranteed to see your posts every time.

facebook audience tips

11. Use fewer links

As mentioned above, predictions suggest that Facebook prefers content that keeps users on the platform instead of linking off-site. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should stop off-site linking altogether; but you should consider a mixed approach to post some content with links, some without, and to include more photo or video based posts.

12. Don’t tag or comment bait

This tip is fairly self-explanatory; the Facebook algorithm will now demote posts that ‘tag’ or ‘comment’ bait; ie. the ‘Tag a friend who would like this’ style messages. Instead of this type of content, aim to start conversations in a meaningful way, such as sparking a discussion on a relevant topic, using polls or asking questions.

13. Make the most of imagery

With so much content on Facebook, you need to try and make your content stand out to grab attention. Creative imagery and video are good ways to make the most of the space in the news feed; try to make these fun and eye-catching, perhaps with graphics, quotes or statistics.

14. Try posting in groups

Facebook now allows pages to post in groups, so why not give this a try? When using groups, make sure your post is relevant and helpful to the reader (don’t use groups to just promote your service!) and consider offering tips/ advice to boost your thought leadership profile. If you think there is value in it, consider creating your own group community - such as users of your product or service, who can share tips or experiences.

Overall, to see long-term benefit, reach and engagement via Facebook, make sure that the content and messages you share are always persona appropriate. Content that offers value and useful advice to the right people will always be well received and help to build your reputation as a trusted advisor.

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