8 TED Talks To Give You A Fresh Marketing Perspective

Written by Becky Armstrong

Aug 18 2016

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Refresh your thinking and marketing approach with these 8 key TED Talks that any B2B marketer should watch.

Rethinking Your Marketing Approach

How well do you convey value to your audience?

As Inbound marketers, it’s crucial that we’re able to simplify often complex concepts and clearly convey them to our audiences. We need to be able to address buyer challenges; helping and inspiring buyers towards the best solutions in concise, easily understandable ways.

TED Talks are designed to do just that. Set up in 1984 as conferences discussing Technology, Entertainment and Design, TED Talks detail ideas, insight and inspiration from some of the world’s greatest thought leaders across a wide range of niches and industries.

From the way the talks are delivered to messages conveyed, there’s a lot that marketers can take away from these talks. Not only can they help to inspire better marketing strategies and customer experiences, but they can provide a fresh perspective on what it means to deliver value, how to understand your audience, and even how you can work more effectively.

Below are 8 key TED Talks that any marketer should watch to inspire fresh perspectives.

8 TED Talks Every B2B Marketer Should Watch

1. Seth Godin - The Tribes We Lead [17.19]

Thought leader, author, entrepreneur and keynote speaker at INBOUND15, Seth Godin is renowned for his marketing advice and insight. Seth's talk from 2009 is still relevant today, championing some of the key tenets of Inbound. From discussing how the internet has changed modern marketing, to providing a fresh view on how we share ideas and values, to detailing how the digital age has caused individuals to align and connect as ‘tribes’ (think personas) to find what we need, lead and make changes.

2. Malcolm Gladwell  - Choice, Happiness & Spaghetti Sauce [17.26]

Journalist, author and speaker Malcolm Gladwell’s 2006 talk, ‘Choice, Happiness & Spaghetti Sauce’ explores the food industry’s pursuit of perfect products, with key takeaways exploring how products and solutions can be best aligned with brands, and how to use data and buyer persona understanding to deliver the best experience and value to customers.

3. Sheena Iyengar - How To Make Choosing Easier [15.53]

How many choices do you think the average person makes in a day? Standing out against the noise is one of the greatest challenges marketers meet today. As one of the world’s leading experts and researchers around choice and decision making, Sheena Iyengar explores how consumers today are stuck with too much choice - and outlines key points on how marketers help their customers make the best choices for them, prioritise, and beat competitors by streamlining and customising that process.

4. Dan Cobley - What Physics Taught Me About Marketing  [7.38]

Physics and marketing may not be two subjects you would immediately associate together, but there are some strong points to be drawn from each. Showing that marketing can align uniquely to different fields of interest, Dan Cobley (MD at Google), uses core physics principles to shed a new perspective on marketing strategy, and explores fundamental theories of branding.

5. Mary Norris - The Nit-Picking Glory Of The New Yorker's Comma Queen [9.49]

Containing core advice for anyone creating content, this talk from New Yorker Copyeditor Mary Norris provides detail into defining a content process; from achieving the right tone and style, to managing daily tasks, from writing to proofreading, to editing and publishing.

6. Matt Cutts - Try Something New For 30 Days [3.27]

For more than a decade, the advice of Matt Cutts has been considered as gospel by most digital marketers and SEO professionals. As the former head of the Google Web Spam team, in just three and a half minutes, Matt’s talk is centered around our habits, and explores how to get out of a rut and rethink how we set and achieve goals. From helping to create a better work life balance, to implementing new marketing tactics, to simply becoming more productive, there are many tips to be taken from this brief talk.

7. Renny Gleeson - 404, The Story Of A Page Not Found [4.07]

Any web developer, designer and digital marketer will be familiar with the sight of a webpage that doesn’t work; 404 - Page Not Found. While these pages are necessary, Renny Gleeson recognises that they make a user experience feel inherently broken. He explorines how marketers and web designers can build better customer experiences - and build a brand by improving interactions such as this.

8. Rachel Botsman - The Currency Of The New Economy Is Trust [19.46]

From Airbnb to Taskrabbit, technology is not only changing the way we go to market, it’s creating a market for things which never had a marketplace before. To succeed in today's marketplace, Rachel Botsman outlines how building trust and reputation are integral to effective marketing strategies and consumer relationships.

This just a small selection of the advice, tips and talks available. New thought leadership and ideas are constantly appearing, so it’s worth regularly taking some time out, to learn something new and refresh your perspective. You never know how it might influence the way you work!

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