How to integrate Twitter lead generation cards with Mailchimp

Written by Alastair Kane

Mar 23 2015


Using Twitter Lead Generation cards to generate B2B leads?

For better streamlining, and customisation you can integrate your cards with an endpoint - allowing your lead generation cards to communicate with your CRM and upload leads directly.

The image below (courtesy of Twitter) gives an overview of how the process works:

twitter lead generation mailchimp Twitter Lead Generation cards integrate with a range of CRM and marketing automation systems, including (but not limited to) HubSpot, Marketo and Salesforce. This article will give you guidance on how to integrate your Twitter Lead Generation cards with Mailchimp.


Integrating Twitter Lead Generation Cards with Mailchimp

Note: you will need admin or manager user permissions in Mailchimp to do this.

Step 1

In Twitter, create your Lead Generation Card (but don’t click ‘create card’ just yet). If you’re not sure how to create your card, see our guide.

Step 2

Open MailChimp and navigate to the list you want to add new contacts to. Choose the ‘signup forms’ option in the dropdown, select ‘form integrations’ and choose Twitter from the list of integration options.

twitter lead generation mailchimp

Step 3

Here you’ll need to copy the URL from the Mailchimp integration page, and paste it into the ‘Submit URL’ field (in the ‘Data Settings’ section of the Twitter Lead Generation Card setup form. See the image below for what this form looks like). Next, and still in Mailchimp, click ‘add hidden field’ and a row with ‘key’ and ‘Value’ fields will appear. Add ‘id’ into the key field, then paste that list ID from your MailChimp integration page into the ‘Value’ field.

twitter lead generation mailchimp

Step 4

Once your MailChimp list values are in the appropriate fields in your Lead Generation Card, in the ‘Data Settings’ section, set the HTTP method as POST (it should already be the default). In the Information below will be sent to your Submit URL’ section, make sure you set the ‘Email’ parameter under ‘Custom key name’ to EMAIL (in caps) to match the email merge tag for your MailChimp list. If you want to capture the first names or Twitter handles for people subscribing via Twitter, you can create custom merge tags for ‘Name’ and ‘Screen name’ in your MailChimp list. Once you have created those fields for the MailChimp list, just add the merge tags for those fields under the ‘Custom key name section’ for Name and Screen name in Twitter.

twitter lead generation mailchimp

Step 5

Under the ‘Custom hidden data value/Add another hidden field’ option, label the left hand field as ‘id’ to create create a custom hidden value within Twitter. Paste in the list id from the Signup form integration page in MailChimp in the right hand field.

Step 6

Save your Twitter card!

Testing your card

Once you click ‘Save card’ Twitter will test that you have set up the integration correctly by sending a test submission to your mailing list via the email address associated with your account. Check that this submission went through to ensure things are running smoothly.

To send Tweets using your newly created and integrated card, choose the ‘cards’ tab under ‘creative’ in Twitter ads, and create your posts.

And that’s it - you’re ready to start generating leads!

Twitter Lead Generation Card Tips

  • Only use Twitter lead generation cards when you have something of value to promote to your audience.

  • Experiment with different copy and creative on your cards to see which is most effective.

  • Create an auto-responder email within your workflow to reply to new contacts as soon as they’re subscribed to your list.
  • Dont forget to include relevant hashtags, and to schedule tweets at the right times for your business.


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