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ABM Case Study: Watch How Acxiom Created a £1.5m Pipeline in 120 Days

Written by Declan Mulkeen

Dec 6 2019

ABM Case Study: Watch video on how Acxiom created a £1.5m pipeline in 120 days in this seminar, presented by Acxiom's Marketing Director Jo Robson, and Strategic IC's CEO, Alex Embling.

Watch the Video: How Acxiom Created a £1.5m Pipeline in 120 Days

Acxiom 2013 colorWhile Acxiom may not be a household name for some, the $1bn global marketing and data services leader is the power behind the data, technology and services companies use to power exceptional customer experiences.

Acxiom’s marketing strategy has evolved over the last few years from more tactical demand generation campaigns through to the more strategic Account-Based Marketing (ABM) programmes that have revolutionised their go-to-market strategy.

Acxiom, in association with its Marketing partner, Strategic IC, recently presented a case study on the success of its Account-Based Marketing (ABM) programme at B2B Marketing’s ABM: Align and Accelerate event in November 2019.

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The seminar: “ABM in Action: How Acxiom Built a Sales Pipeline in 120 Days” was presented by Jo Robson, Marketing Director of Acxiom and Alex Embling, CEO of Strategic IC.

The seminar provided a case study of how Acxiom and Strategic IC designed the ABM programme, key criteria to bear in mind when building a programme of this nature and the critical success factors.

Watch the video now to see how Acxiom implemented an ABM programme and created a £1.5m ($2m) pipeline in 120 days:

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