B2B Prospecting - What are Twitter Lead Generation Cards

Written by Lucy Jones

Mar 23 2015


What are Twitter Lead Generation Cards?

A form of expanded Tweet, Twitter cards allow you to display a variety of media within your Tweets, and drive traffic towards your site. But did you know you can also use Twitter cards for B2B lead generation - and for free?

Different Twitter Card types

Twitter cards allow you to promote a range of content, from photos to videos to media such as apps and products.

Lead Generation Cards are a little different to regular Twitter cards however. These are a straightforward way for you to share a CTA, and for potential leads to share their information/ access your offers without completing a form or leaving Twitter.

How? Because a lot of the information is pre-filled by Twitter. If someone clicks to expand your Twitter card, their email, name and @Twittername will already be there - all they need to do is click the button to share it with you and become a lead.

Below is a great example of this from a Moz Lead Generation Card. All the user needs to do is click ‘Join the list’ to subscribe, no added input required.

what are twitter lead generation cards


What does a perfect B2B Twitter card contain?

When creating cards you can add a title description, a CTA, and an image.

Effective cards, as with any social ad must stand out - containing a targeted offer/solution that appeals to audience pain points, an attractive image, and a compelling call-to-action.

  • Your offer. Make sure the offer you’re promoting aligns with the leads you want to attract, and speaks to their concerns.
  • Your title description. On your card, this is limited to 50 characters. It should describe the benefit users will get from sharing their information.
  • Your image. This should highlight the value of your offer. You may want to contrast the colour with the blue Twitter CTA button to ensure the CTA stands out. Minimum width 600px. 
  • Your CTA. Limited to 20 characters, your CTA must make the benefit obvious, and encourage action! Eg: ‘Join the list’, ‘Click to subscribe’
In addition to the card itself, keep the associated Tweet focused. Describe the offer, use hashtags relevant to your niche, and almost use this as another CTA. You might want to promote this Tweet, or pin it to the top of your Twitter profile to ensure best audience reach. Lead Generation Cards themselves are free, but dedicating a budget to additional Twitter promotion may be wise.

How do I create a Lead Generation Card?

Because the Lead Generation Card is a card where Twitter creates and hosts the pages with the appropriate markup, you (the advertiser) do not need to add any card markup to your site, unlike with other Twitter card types. Instead the process is straightforward:

what are twitter lead generation cards

  • Go to Twitter and select ‘Twitter Ads’ in the settings icon dropdown.

  • In the top bar in Twitter Ads, select ‘Creatives’ then the dropdown ‘Cards’. Note that this option will only appear if you’ve added a credit card to your ad account. Lead Generation cards are free (and you can create unlimited cards) - but Twitter wants you to assign the card anyway.

  • Next, select ‘Create your first Lead Generation Card’.

  • You’ll be presented with a page to add images, descriptions and CTA copy for your card, along with a preview.

  • Fill in the information, save your card, and go to the ‘Compose Tweet’ button at the top right of the page.

  • Create a Tweet containing your card to send to your followers.

  • Leave the delivery option as ‘Standard/ Send to all followers’, and be sure to attach your card to the Tweet.

  • And that’s it!

This guide from Twitter describes how you should set up your Lead Generation Cards in more technical detail, showing how you can download your leads, collate your data or submit your leads into your CRM or marketing automation system.

Alternatively, read our blog on how to integrate Twitter lead generation cards with Mailchimp.


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